How to Last Longer In Bed

Did you especially for men realize that the word how to last longer in bed is very important to you and your partner? If you don’t realize that, you get wrong all this time. Could lasting longer in bed is a dream for every man to treat his girl satisfy and the most important could achieve orgasm. For you guys who like one night stand, it is important to know how to last longer in bed in order to show a real and powerful man.  Let we illustrate this, you meet up a girl in a bar, having chit chat and treat her a drink, finally end up in bed. Foreplay plays an important role to last longer in bed, you need to slow down your rhythm and breathe deep and slowly. Don’t be rush penetrate into her vagina or you will be end soon except you’re really a marathon guy.


This is what was really happen when you and your girl in bed. You start penetrating your penis into her and she start moaning, you are get excited and breathe heavier. In less than 1 minute, you feel to cum and she start grabbing your ass and shaking it go deeper and deeper. When she loved and enjoyed it, you already cum. This is embarrassing, she looks disappointed and your heart sink and feel guilty. This is not what we want (men), you guys need to know how to last longer in bed. It is not your sensitivity penis or your body, but it is in your head.


Premature Ejaculation

For you who couldn’t last longer in bed with your sexual partner and ejaculating in less than 2 minutes or before you want was a condition called premature ejaculation. In this world, there is about 30% of all population (men) suffer premature ejaculation. So don’t be afraid because you are not alone and it could be cured.

Talk about premature ejaculation, there are some factor affect it likes:

  1. Bad behavioral in young age. When masturbating, you do it quick as possible to cum to prevent to be caught.
  2. Lack of sexual experience especially when experiencing first sexual intercourse. You’re hurry and breathe quickly so this could trigger to cum quickly.
  3. Too anxiety about performance in bed
  4. Only focus on her main sensitive part, vagina and breast.
  5. Degenerative diseases like diabetes, hypertension causing erectile dysfunction.


Ways How to Last Longer In Bed

There are some knowledge that you must know before you doing sexual intercourse:

  • Do foreplay as long as possible. Explore her body with your lips, finger or tongue.
  • Empty your bladder. A full bladder could affect your brain to cum quickly.
  • Wearing condom. Thick condom could reduce penis’ sensation so it can delay ejaculation.


There are a lots of natural techniques to prolong your sexual activity with your partner without taking medication or pills, such:


Karma sutra technique

This technique doesn’t need someone to become a spiritual or something like textbook, but it teach you start slowly when making love with someone you loved. Step one, penetrate into her vagina should take 3 seconds/stroke. Do this slowly until a few minutes and then continue to second step 2 seconds/stroke. Gradually increase your step until one second/stroke. If you feel about to cum, stop it and feel it inside her vagina until you regain your control again. While stopping, you could distract her by kissing her sensitive part like neck, ear, lips, breast or stomach even clitoris.


Squeeze and Grab

This tricky method also could reduce sensation of your penis to delay ejaculation. When you are about to cum, take your penis out and squeeze your penis’ head with your thumb and index finger until sensation of orgasm left. Hold and squeeze for about 5-8 seconds and then you could start again with your action to pleasure her until orgasm.


Get Focus on Her Pleasure

If you want to last longer in bed, you must not focus only with your penis’ sensation. Do a little move to stimulate her G-spot so she would turn on and not be patient anymore to put your penis inside her vagina. But don’t penetrate yet, do stimulating by sucking her clitoris and finger her vagina until she is near to orgasm and then put yours inside her. Stroke slowly until you both orgasm.


So these are the tricks and techniques on how to last longer in bed without taking any pills or medication. 

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